Cryptonodes.io was founded in 2022 by Bitblade, a German company group with focus on innovative technology.

While working in the Blockchain business since 2018, we gathered a lot of experience with setting up, maintaining and securing nodes of various popular blockchains.

This knowledge has mostly been used to manage the nodes for our popular Blockchain API Chaingateway.io.

But why should only our Blockchain API profit from our expert skills?

The answer was the development and launch of a new solution – Cryptonodes.io.

Different than other Node Hosts, we only setup one node per server. Also, our clients don’t share their nodes with others.

This allows for perfect security and performance without limits at a fair price.

Clients can also use the wallet functions of their nodes, which are not available on most other node hosts. Even keystores can easily be imported and exported from our easy-to-use dashboard.

Convinced? Set up your own node here.