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Our Mission

Our Journey with Bitblade: Pioneering Innovation in 2022 was founded in 2022 by Bitblade, a forward-thinking German company group with a relentless focus on driving innovation in the technology realm. With a remarkable legacy in the Blockchain business since 2018, our journey has been fueled by a passion for unraveling the potential of blockchain nodes.

Introducing Empowering Your Blockchain Dreams

As a testament to our commitment to inclusivity and widespread access to top-notch blockchain technology, we unveiled our groundbreaking solution - With a firm belief that our expert skills should benefit a broader audience, we are thrilled to offer dedicated Blockchain Nodes as a Service, tailored to meet your specific needs.

Empowering Your Node, Your Way

At, we believe in empowering our clients to make the most of their nodes. By leveraging our platform, you gain access to wallet functions that are often elusive with other node hosts. Unleash the true potential of your blockchain projects with ease, all through our user-friendly dashboard that simplifies importing and exporting keystores.

Mastering the Art of Blockchain Nodes

Throughout our extensive experience, we have honed our expertise in setting up, maintaining, and securing nodes across a diverse array of popular blockchains. Our unwavering commitment to excellence has primarily been exemplified in the proficient management of nodes for our renowned Blockchain API,

Unmatched Security and Performance: One Node, One Server

Unlike other Node Hosts, we pride ourselves on our distinctive approach - deploying just one node per server. This exclusive practice ensures that our clients' nodes remain entirely separate from others, fostering an environment of impeccable security and unhindered performance. Whether it's a Tron Node, Ethereum Node, or Binance Smart Chain Node, you can trust us to deliver excellence without compromise.

Unlock Possibilities: - Your Gateway to Blockchain Brilliance

From our founding days with Bitblade to the present, remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation and transforming the blockchain landscape. Step into the future with us as your trusted partner, and together, let's unlock new possibilities and embrace the limitless potential of blockchain technology.

Tested and Trusted

Reviews That Speak for Themselves

“I'm absolutely thrilled with the flawless performance and top-notch security of this Blockchain Node as a Service provider – their dedicated nodes have become an indispensable asset, and I can't recommend them enough!”

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Emil M

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"The level of customer support I've received from this Blockchain Node as a Service provider is simply unparalleled – they have gone above and beyond to address any queries or concerns I had promptly, making me feel valued as a customer and confident in their service!"

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Ulrich B


“From the seamless integration with my existing infrastructure to the scalability that effortlessly accommodates my growing blockchain needs, I've been thoroughly impressed by the performance and versatility of this provider's dedicated nodes – they've truly elevated my blockchain projects!”

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Dora A