Documentation - Authenticate

Learn how to authenticate and send Requests to your Blockchain Nodes.

Two steps to send Node Requests


Generate API Key

Go to the node manager in your account panel and open the settings menu of your node. Here you have the possibility to create new API key for your node. Just name your token and click on create. Now you will get a new token.


Use API-Key in your request

You can now include clientName and apiKey as headers in your queries to authenticate to the server.

Still lost? Here's an example request.

curl -X post \
      -H 'apikey: cb733d6ab20d7cc7afcee29b05c589c5ca015918' \
      -H 'clientName: Application 1' \
      -d '{ "jsonrpc": "2.0", "method": "eth_getBlockByHash", "params": [], "id": 0 }'